Volunteer at Louder Than a Bomb Poetry Festival


Young Chicago Authors

YCA Public Programs

January 8th - 1st, 2020
YCA, 1180 N. Milwaukee Ave
Wordplay is the longest running Open Mic in Chicago. Each Tuesday we open our doors to talented poets, musicians, singers and dancers, who are welcomed to perform within a very supportive community of artists.

We are looking for volunteers to help to maintain the positive, safe-space culture of our 1st floor gallery.
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When signing up to volunteer for Louder Than a Bomb, please choose a time slot, venue, and note any previous LTAB volunteer duties you’ve performed or any restrictions. Louder Than A Bomb is committed to providing a platform for young people from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are also committed to ensuring this diversity is reflected in our volunteer pool. To that end, we will do our best to accommodate position preferences while ensuring that both front-of-house and judging positions are inclusive of this spirit.

All volunteers should plan arrive no later than 30 minutes before their shift in order to check in, secure parking and settle in. Please bear this in mind when planning travel and arrival times. If you are judging we need you seated 20 minutes prior to bout starting. If you are late we may need to find someone else to fill your volunteer position.

If you are going to be late or absent for your shift, please let us know ASAP, preferably 48 hours in advance. We do greatly appreciate a call the day of if you must cancel your shift, however a cancellation the day of your shift stops us from being able to run bouts or events on-time and scrambling to find a replacement. Please avoid cancelling whenever possible.

In the event that we have extra volunteers signed up for a given bout, one of the most important ways you can help is by being an active and engaged audience member and documenting the event on social media using #LTAB19. Additionally, this year we will be tweeting out our favorite lines in support of poets throughout the festival. We will retweet and use this to give out special awards and performance opportunities to poets after the festival.

All volunteers, especially those over 18, are models of behavior for all of our competing poets. There is a zero tolerance drug/alcohol policy at LTAB. Also, cigarette smoking may not take place in front of any attendees or competitors under the age of 18 during festival hours at the festival.

Please refrain from using any discriminatory language while in attendance at the festival. This includes, but is not limited to, language of a racist, sexist, homophobic or violent/abusive nature. We are the positive glue that holds the LTAB machine together.

Please be aware that competitors and volunteers will be of widely varying age ranges. Please take this into consideration during social interactions.

All volunteers must refrain from making negative comments about teams, competitors, YCA staff and board members, performers, hosts, judges, etc. We are committed to creating and maintaining a positive and warm environment for LTAB.

All US and Illinois laws apply to LTAB – there should be no weapons on the premises at any time.